How to Create an Evergreen Wardrobe: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to personal style, nothing is more important than an evergreen wardrobe. An evergreen wardrobe is one that remains relevant no matter the current trends or season. An evergreen wardrobe consists of pieces that you can mix and match again and again—no matter what new trends emerge or how many seasons pass by. This type of closet setup ensures that you’ll always be able to create new outfits while also saving time and money by avoiding redundant purchases at the same time.

A well-developed, evergreen wardrobe is also a great way to keep your personal style consistent, no matter how much time passes or what part of the world you’re in at any given moment. But creating an evergreen closet—or rather, an entire wardrobe—can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to get you started with your own everlasting look.


Be Smart About the Pieces You Keep

It’s important to sort through your current pieces before you start building your evergreen wardrobe. This allows you to figure out which items you want to keep and which pieces you should dispose of. When you’re sorting through your closet, think about the following criteria: We all have those pieces that we never wear—most of which we bought on a whim.

There are a few reasons why these items sit in our closets unutilized: Maybe the style just isn’t right for you. Or maybe the item is either poorly made or doesn’t fit right. Most of us have these types of pieces in our closets. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to identify these garments as you sort through your closet: If an item just isn’t getting any love, it’s time to let it go.

Mix and Match Your Basics

Once you’ve completed the first step in building your evergreen wardrobe, it’s time to start mixing and matching those newly acquired core pieces. Start with your foundational garments—shirt, pants, and jackets, for example—and build a few different outfits from those pieces. All you have to do from there is add a few accessories and you’ll have an entirely new outfit. When you’re starting to mix and match your evergreen wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind: - Pattern mixing: While there are no hard-and-fast rules for how to mix patterns, it’s generally a good idea to pair smaller, less noticeable patterns (polka dots, triangles, etc.) with larger, more noticeable patterns (florals, plaids, etc.). 

Texture mixing: When it comes to texture, your best bet is to mix softer fabrics with more textured garments and vice versa. - Color matching: The easiest way to make sure you’re wearing color-coordinated outfits is to choose one color family and stick with it. - Accessories: The small touches are what really bring an outfit together. Start by choosing one or two accessories to anchor your look, and then add a few more for good measure.

Invest in a Few Key Pieces

There are a few garments that are good investments for anyone. A pair of well-made black jeans, a timeless black leather jacket, and a classic trench coat, for example, will last you for years to come. In other words, they’re pieces that you’ll wear over and over again, no matter the current trends. They’ll also help you build a more consistent personal style. The best way to do this is to invest in a few pieces that you love and trust. You’ll be able to trust yourself to wear them again and again without worrying about the latest fashion trends.

Don’t Be Afraid of Neutral Colors

You’ll notice that most of the evergreen outfits we’ve listed in our examples use neutral colors. This is because neutral colors are easy to mix and match. They don’t clash with other garments, and they pair well with just about any accessory you can imagine. Neutral colors are a staple for any wardrobe—evergreen or otherwise—but they’re especially helpful for those who are just starting out with building an everlasting look. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few of the most popular neutral colors below: 

Beige: Beige is a great neutral color that adds a subtle splash of color to any outfit. It’s great for pairing with other neutrals, like brown and grey.

Black: Black is a classic neutral color that can be used in both formal and casual outfits. Plus, it pairs well with just about any other color.

Grey: Grey is a great neutral color to pair with other bold colors like red, blue, and orange. It’s also a popular choice for business casual attire.

Brown: Brown is a classic neutral color that pairs well with just about any other color. It’s a great color for everyday wear, and it can be dressed up or down.

Find The Pieces That Inspire You

As you start building your everlasting wardrobe, you’ll likely stumble across a few pieces that inspire you. These are the garments you truly want to wear again and again. Once you’ve found the pieces that really inspire you, it’s time to make them a part of your evergreen wardrobe. How? Here are a few ideas: Make sure they’re easy to mix and match. Some garments work better as stand-alone pieces that can be paired with anything.

Sharing is caring

Once you’ve found a few garments that truly inspire you, it’s time to share them with the world. This not only helps you to stay inspired, but it also helps you to build a following of like-minded individuals. Start by posting a few photos of your favorite outfits to social media.

Be sure to tag the brands that make up the garments and also include a brief caption that explains why you love the garments so much. You can also try writing articles about your everlasting looks and publishing them on a blog that’s dedicated to fashion or personal style.

Purchase less seasonal wardrobe pieces

As you build a more everlasting wardrobe, you’ll notice that you’re purchasing fewer seasonal pieces. This is because the garments you choose to add to your wardrobe are timeless pieces that can be worn all year round. Instead of purchasing seasonal pieces, you’ll want to focus on investing in timeless garments that can be worn year after year.

You can also try purchasing seasonal pieces that can be worn throughout the year. For example, a suede jacket is a popular seasonal garment that can be worn during the fall and winter months.

Track your Stock

As you continue to build your evergreen wardrobe, you’ll want to track the garments you purchase. This will help you to identify any patterns in your purchases, allowing you to pinpoint the items that you truly need. This will not only help you with your current wardrobe, but it will also help you as you start planning out your next evergreen wardrobe. Keeping track of your evergreen wardrobe is easy and straightforward. You can use a physical journal or you can even use a digital platform like Google Sheets.

Now your foundation pieces

To start building out your evergreen wardrobe, you’ll first want to identify the core pieces that will anchor your look from the very beginning. These items should be versatile enough to pair with most or all other garments in your closet, give you a great amount of flexibility in terms of styling, and also be relatively timeless in their design.

For men, a great evergreen piece is a well-fitting pair of pants. You can wear pants with almost any type of top, from button-up shirts to T-shirts to sweaters. For women, a great evergreen piece is a well-fitting pair of black jeans. Equally versatile is a simple pair of black trousers.

Keep the color basics in mind

Color is the first thing people notice about your look. Choosing colors that repeat throughout your wardrobe, and that pair nicely with one another, is an important part of becoming an evergreen dresser. Using the same color palette in each of your outfits is a great way to create cohesion in your outfits. It will also help you create an evergreen look, since these shades are usually the least likely to become out of date.

Find versatile extras

Extras like belts, bags, and shoes can help you mix and match your evergreen wardrobe even further. For example, you can use a black belt with nearly any colour outfit. Bags and shoes in neutral colours also make great additions to any outfit.

Hold On to Pieces That You Already Love

We’ve already discussed the importance of colour and fit when building out an evergreen wardrobe. What we haven’t talked about yet is fabrics. A lot of the items in your wardrobe will fall into the “fabric type” category. Whether you’re using them as the main garment in an outfit or as an extra, fabrics matter. Fabrics that are too thick, thin, stretchy, or shiny will stand out in your look. Fabrics that simply look great on their own and that also play nicely with other fabrics are fabrics you should keep in your evergreen wardrobe.

Shop for Basics Like Pants, Shirts, and Blouses

As you’re building out your evergreen wardrobe, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough staple items in your wardrobe to mix and match with your foundations. For men, a great addition to any wardrobe is a white button-up shirt. For women, a classic black blouse. For pants, you can’t go wrong with black trousers.


An evergreen wardrobe is the holy grail of personal style. It’s the one closet setup that allows you to create endless outfits without ever running out of ideas. It also ensures that you’ll always be in style, no matter the current trends or season. A well-developed, evergreen wardrobe is also a great way to keep your personal style consistent, no matter how much time passes or what part of the world you’re in at any given moment. To build an evergreen wardrobe, start by sorting through your current pieces and mixing and matching them. Next, invest in a few key pieces that will last you for years to come. Finally, find the pieces that inspire you and make them part of your everlasting wardrobe. With a little patience and some creativity, you’ll be able to build an evergreen wardrobe that will last you for years to come